The Bachelor Party with the Bride!

It was supposed to be a bachelor party. Then there were some issues, all the guys couldn’t make the trip. The bride ended up on the boat. Sorry guys Rachel caught the two biggest fish. Congratulations to Rachel and Travis on their future together. Thanks Jared...

A couple of 18 pound Lake Trout

Dan and Donna were telling me they read a lot of fishing magazines. Donna has always wanted to catch a big fish with a big belly just like in the pictures in the magazines. I hope this 18 lb. Lake Trout she fought hard to land fits her criteria! Congratulations Dan...

May 13, 2023

What a beautiful sunrise ! Benny and Denny caught some really nice lake trout. The lake trout are in shallow water probably for the next few weeks. They are plentiful and fun to catch!

Memorial Day

Memorial weekend starts the summer. The Lake Trout fishing is always excellent during the weekend. Consider a family fishing trip with Watta Bite Charters.